GZI: Trade Smarter, and Faster in Uncertain Times

3 min readDec 20, 2021


Be Greedy When Others are Fearful

The most recent news shows stock markets falling sharply with the discovery of the new Covid variant. Markets in the UK, France, US, and Germany sank. Shares in travel companies and airlines faced a hard hit; International Airlines Group shares fell by 15% while Tui Shed shares fell by 10%. This can be in relation to the ban of flights to African countries. Also, oil prices were reduced with the fear of this new Covid strain. Brent crude, for example, declined by 5.86%.

The stock market is facing a continuous global economic change and a very volatile situation with the pandemic; the new normal. That’s why GZI is introducing a one-of-a-kind solution for this recent problem.

The First Alternative Data Provider Incorporating Covid-19 as a factor

GZI is one of the leading companies providing access to reliable and fresh data that will have you making trade decisions with confidence in these uncertain times. The market is experiencing changes faster than usual, but does that mean trading stops? No.

For this reason, the GZI team is introducing the first alternative data provider and analyzer in the new normal. GZI collects data from a variety of sources, analyses the data, and stores market data in a consolidated format that’s easy for investors to access and use.

“GZI’s proprietary strategies enabled me to achieve a return of 56.05% on my portfolio from October 2019 to March 2021. I’ll definitely be conserving his methods for future decisions.” Said Shawn C.

Looking at what Shawn had to say about the company, GZI may be the answer that investors are looking for at the moment. They don’t promise to trade on your behalf, but they promise to give you information that will enable you to make the best trading decisions; especially now.

Why Use GZI

You could opt to look for the data on your own, but unstructured data is very hard to process and takes time to interpret and use. Also, your data may lack transparency and diverse viewpoints. GZI offers you:

· Rapid data at your fingertips

· The widest range of data

· Speed and convenience in the data-driven stock market prediction

· Massive coverage derivative exchanges and equities

· Real-time data

· Multi-asset financial data

· Global and deliverable across enterprises

Being the first of its kind, “born of a black swan”, the company is gaining followers at a high speed. GZI might just be the partner investors won’t do without. Investment decisions are made easier.

The GZI team is an asset

GZI’s main focus is enabling investors to continue trading in the new normal. The GZI team is made of professionals that bring in vast experience from managing and owning companies to the trading experience. The passionate team has a competitive record of outperforming Wall St. since the pandemic caused a financial crisis. With this kind of confidence, you can be sure that GZI has absolute knowledge that enables them to offer insightful information.

Well, would you like to learn more about GZI or talk to customer care about your questions? Visit gzihub.com.

Also, GZI’s public offering will be available for purchase soon on netcapital.com. No additional due diligence is required. Take the chance to experience GZI in the new normal.




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